The Journey Through the Night

The hands are not an imagery used by John of the Cross but simply my interpretation of my response in each step of the way. I’ll be honest, John of the Cross is rather profound and uses so many good metaphors I couldn’t quite figure out what would help bring them all together. I’ll illustrate a couple other metaphors within this eventually.

In the active nights, there is human effort, be it trying to pray very hard, attempting not to fall to our vices or sticking to a healthy-lifestyle schedule. In the passive nights, it is a certain reception and surrendering that is probably most painful in that there is nothing we can do but endure or drop to our knees.

Some times I wish God were more vocal about his wondrous dreams and plans for me. Does the silence mean consent? Or does the silence mean God’s just looking at me with his eyebrows raised expecting me to know better? But with God, life is never simply about doing things and getting recognition, some moments I’ve felt most alive and inspired is sitting alone in the adoration room with my head resting against the wall, my eyes fixed on Jesus and my hands open – Receiving.

I’ve always heard the northern lights are a lot dimmer than those in the photographs, or perhaps cameras just aren’t able to replicate those dancing lights as our eyes do. I imagine that in union with God, my soul will dance through the night with gentleness, peace and beauty.

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