Live Easter

Spent the last days of Shaun’s Easter break up north in Padua, Monselice, Montebelluna and Nervesa, trekking, watching movies and playing in a giant playground.

This trip was very much about learning to be an Easter person. It’s easy to just be Eastery -celebratory, joyful, open, good, inviting and successful – a happy way of living, but what does it mean to be truly Christian? What truly sets us apart as Easter people?

One day, we were trying to get to the ulu playground in Nervesa. From Padua we had to take a 1-hour train, then take an infrequent 20min bus, then finally walk 45min. We took the bus that went the wrong direction. Ordinarily, I would have sulked because we already invested a lot of time into trying to get to this place, missing the bus meant we might have made the trip for nothing. Surprisingly, I found myself relaxed, it was the only place I actually wanted to travel to, but it didn’t really matter if we got there or not, we tried, and we could try again and perhaps we might get there. We passed by the duomo of the town and whilst waiting for the next possible bus to arrive, walked inside the church. Nothing special, just another church with super high ceilings, but at the back of my head I knew that God had our backs. Peace. We took the next bus and everything went quite smoothly after that. I had fun at the playground and in my enthusiasm forgot my 30 year old body wasn’t as agile and strong as my 11 year old one. I left the place bruised but blessed. We sat at the front of the bus on the way back, the second and last bus of the day. We go through the mountain side and I watch the bus driver navigate a full size bus on narrow roads, fearing for my safety occasionally. I felt like a kid – joyful and trusting.

There was something about the experience and the moments in Padua that reminded me of how greatly God blesses and protects me. Perhaps it’s also because shaun was always with me as well. There was never a need to freak out. Easter is not just smiling and saying God is great, Easter is knowing God is the SOURCE of my life and my PURPOSE – that’s true joy. 🐣

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