Via Francigena, the sister pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago. We walked the last 100+km into Rome, arriving on Wednesday of Holy Week. We’ve done a Camino ‘single’ (2011), attached(2015) and now married(2019). Perhaps next time we need a special backpack+carrier! 2023?

The thing about pilgrimages is that it is never about the outcome. It reminded me that life is always a journey. There are exciting times, there are dull ones, fun ones and painful ones, there are even times that don’t make sense but we just have to keep walking. That if life was always in high gear, when the adrenaline stops flowing, it’s gonna hurt, bad🏃‍♀️

While thinking about the stations of the cross along the way, I kept noticing the interactions between Jesus and the people – the intimate gaze, the purposeful perseverance, the support given and received. A few incidents happened along the way, Shaun fell once and then almost got electrocuted the next day. We even went through emergency protocol because who knows how to react if something should happen? It made me think about how much support we give each other in this walk simply by choosing to walk together. We also felt amazingly supported by God as we saw how he took care of us and pampered us. We managed to attend mass despite not know what time it was going to start! Along with finding great Kebab and ice cream. Something felt really providential about that. 💒

Going through a variety of circumstances in a silent retreat setting, it was clear between the times I was comfortable and the times I was so irritable. I frolicked around while we went through the unclear forest trail, but I was dreary when we just followed a wide road out in the plains. I was best after a shower and tucked in my sleeping bag and worst when my face was burnt and my hair stuck to my then sunblock-covered face. But Jesus died and was taken down the cross and buried. He calls me to die to myself to allow new life to rise. He won’t leave me, he is comfort, he is home. 🏠
Long walks are always nice. Life should be as nice as a long walk.

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