God, help me help you

We’re familiar with the phrase “God help me”, and today it struck me that it’s very self-serving because it ends with the word “me”, (as if our plans are bigger than his!)

It’s one month to the beginning of our married life and it’s honestly more exciting to think of it as a big celebration of new life as opposed to the end of my simpler, easier, single-minded decisions and independence. 

On the plus side, we won’t have to spend time making trips to-and-fro houses and we’re stuck as partners on this amazing race of life. Hurray! However, for us, it’s also a whole new chapter coinciding with thoughts about further studies, thinking about our role in building the church and building up our own family, so we’re spending this month focusing on being prepared for the road ahead. So…God, help me help you. Please?

So here’s a little simple video we did, introducing each other just in case you’ve never met him (or if you’re his friend, hello!).

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.26.43 pm

*no one is excluded (:

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