Just One Thing

As I wept in irritation and bowed in disappointment, God told me a parable as I sat on the beige grass of an adoration room. 

There was a girl who had a gift. She was magical. It wasn’t the sort of magic that tricked your eyes, but the miraculous kind, creating something out of nothing. She was strong and could cast spells of all sorts. She was born with it of course, a miracle in itself. As a child she found magic pretty easy.

You must be wondering of course, what is the catch?

Well, she can only do one thing, she can only work her magic if it was for someone else’s benefit. Her father’s car was repaired so he wouldn’t be late for work, her mother was thrilled with fireworks on her birthday, her sister had a good night’s sleep when insects were turned away, her brother’s injury healed before his competition.

But no, no, it never worked for her. She missed her bus all the time, her belongings always slipping embarrassingly out of her hands at the worst moments, she always had painful bumps and itchy bites. She never had anything “lucky” happen to her. What’s the point of the gift when her life is a silly mess?

 But look, just because her life is not particularly great does not mean that she has any less of a magical power. Maybe the point is not her own weakness but the glory of the power.

The question is not so much if she is worthy of such a gift, but the simple fact that she does means she is.

Perhaps the question then is, what can she do to harness the gift so that she can give more? For the gift is not for herself but for the world.


For a long while, I have been stuck wondering what more I could possibly give. What else could I do to contribute to society? And the answer always fell flat and I took that to mean “nothing”. So I asked that same question but I knew I wasn’t going to get an answer today. What is God trying to get me to do?

And that’s when God told me that story. It is a rather random story! He drew me into his arms and I wrote down as he spoke. I’m pretty sure I have never heard anything like this before.

My vision was becoming myopic, my dreams were shrinking, subtly my heart was moving away from God’s, but I didn’t know why.

Even though I had a clearer idea of what I was good at and what I wasn’t, some times, work was for self validation more than it was for charity. Wanting God to be pleased that I am putting his gifts to good use, that I’m a good worker. Of course, if you took away this ability, it wouldn’t make me any less of a child but I might start to get a bit grumpy, a telltale sign that I wasn’t quite letting God steer me completely.

So, this story is just a reminder that everything that I can do is not for myself. Not even 1%, it has to be everything. To live is to die, to laugh is to cry, to live is to love with all our heart. We just need to do one thing.

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