Divine Inspiration

It has taken a while to reach this point. A friend recently commented that when she saw the postcards I have done for @masscomminfo, it’s very ‘jes-like’. And I wondered, what does that mean?

When I first started on masscomminfo, I honestly didn’t think too much about the style I was going to end up with. I was much too excited about the big-picture idea. At the very least, I will end up with generic icons, like the man and the woman on toilet signs. I actually tried it at the very start but it felt like something was lacking. It felt too simplified. Sure, I am trying to make Mass is simple and relevant, but not old and outdated either (which is the impression that beautiful old paintings tend to give of unfortunately). How will I be able to communicate with attractive images and pull this off?

I was so worried when Mel said he wanted an image with people at pews, speech bubbles, a priest, the church setting and angels surrounding *cue inspiration ahhhh sound*. I was never going to achieve grandeur in silhouettes! :O (end product here: https://www.facebook.com/massinfographic/photos/pb.301678366682443.-2207520000.1429197297./381199748730304/?type=3&theater)

So I began drawing shapes, outlining people in paintings and colouring them in a slightly different ways. Somehow shapes, colours created their own depth and it didn’t look half bad!

Angel inspiration and an exploded angel :OAngel inspiration and an exploded angel :O

So it is a miracle. My art has always been a miracle. A very large part of me always feels like whatever I have done as a graphic designer was out of pure luck, a lucky shot. The shapes, the colours or the layout are largely uncalculated and usually plucked from thin air.

The slightly more positive side of me though argues that it is undoubtedly a gift from God.

Of course, not every single artistic moment has been a hit with people. There have been misses and rejections. But you can’t quite appreciate the solid sound of a bullseye when you haven’t felt the careless fling of an arrow that missed the board (or in basketball terms, an air-ball).

I used to classify myself broadly under the ‘expressive artsy types’ who complain that they are so restricted and lack that freedom of expression because of money, crazy clients or themselves. It’s a little miserable, unfulfilling place to be in. But can you imagine if your boss is God himself? Nothing to prove, Nothing to worry about, such freedom!

Wait, how did I get here? 

It has been ridiculously easy to surrender this entire project and my work to God. If it looks good, indeed the person to be praised, is God. Whatever I know, whatever I can do, however it feels, is from the depth of my heart, which is ideally – 100% pure God.

I hope the notion of ‘jes-like’ isn’t a visual style of vectors, small eyes and script fonts. I hope it means that whatever is put together by me is authentic, meaningful and encouraging. All I am doing, is ‘saying hi’.

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