A chocolately kind of conviction

Chocolate icecream, chocolate biscuits, chocolate drinks, chocolate spreads, chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate cookies and chocolate lava cake.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Lent is usually characterized by failed attempts to do something ‘vaguely nice’ or out-of-the-ordinary. So when I embarked on a Lenten sacrifice that was concrete and measurable, it was tough. How can something so simple be this annoying disruptive?

Chocolate is very much a part of my lifestyle. When I describe myself in 3 words it is usually: sports, art, chocolate. Substitutes like raisins and cranberries, yogurt and sweets just don’t cut it man ):

What challenge is this? I always felt like God was already seamlessly woven into my daily thoughts. I go Mass, make the sign of the cross on the way to work and mention it during lunch sometimes. But maybe, feeling the pinch and the daily choice to not drink milo or eat bread with Nutella reminds me that THIS, this is suppose to be what it feels like, to be convicted and not comfortable.

I broke my fast 3 times though, once for each birthday celebration in my family. And everytime I ate the chocolate cake/ ice cream, it really wasn’t mind blowing. God must be saying that desiring him is way more fulfilling than this.

When the Easter bunny started to poke its head out of its hole in the desert, I got excited. Partly because I could eat chocolate again, and partly because I do not have to constantly mourn like on Holy Thursday, Good Friday andHoly Saturday anymore! It’s quite depressing to dress ‘monotone-ly’.

Somehow, I think our bodies need a tangible sign beyond these lines of good intentions in our heads. Physical excitement did translate a little to a mental and spiritual anticipation. It’s almost as if I went to a different place and came back renewed. Lent, for the first time, felt like lent. And to surrender wholly and willingly became realistic once again. Alleluia!

So praise God for a funny little adventure. And for these ways that strangely aid in reminding me about what faith in God is. Beyond catholic memes, nice quotes and external signs.


(Sadly, possibly due to the large amount of chocolate and sugar, I’m back to feeling rather sick. But Easter is Easter, rejoice!!)

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