The Way of Life

I’ve been struggling to summarize my camino to Santiago because it was a truckload of blessings and a landslide of experiences, but this is the only sentence I feel has captured everything –

“It was really tiring and crazy walking for hours and hours everyday, but.. it’s completely worth it”

At the beginning I was really struggling physically, mentally and spiritually.

My legs felt like they could be detached at the hip at anytime,

I had no confidence that I could finish walking the entire thing and might have to bus,

and I just couldn’t focus on analyzing my life experiences and the growth the past few years.

It’s tough because I would have thought that I was stronger than that. I had faith in God, I had a relatively positive mindset, my body isn’t that weak… Why was I questioning the choice to spend 20+ days of my precious leave to go walk and roast under the punishing spanish sun?

But as all journeys, the negativity was quite necessary despite the reluctance to admit that I was in desolation. After 4,5 days, I felt my body adjust, I felt the love of new friendships, I started to feel free to love. 

I saw that in our mini community, we brought the celebration of mass to the towns/alburgues(hostels) we stayed at. We sang and worshiped regardless of the language we spoke – it was still the same prayer.

I saw how Jesus brings people together in spirit when we had morning prayers, evening sharings, random sing-a-longs on the way, playing games, getting a sock out of a tree and even while we cooked for each other. We shared our joys, we debated our questions, we prayed our hearts out, we dealt with life at present and lived in the moment.

To summarize all my amusing little experiences – I saw Jesus.

I tried to focus on making this trip worthwhile and using this time effectively to “think about life”, but as always, Christ finds me and ‘going with the flow’ (aka, being open) led me to joy in walking the way the yellow arrows pointed.

I find it funny how when I relate all these stories and moments, I end up using the term ‘we’. I can’t say for certain we all experienced these things and had the same insights but somehow I know that we’ve been through a journey together and we’ve all felt a lot of ‘jesus moments’.

It’s as if I have explained a lot or not very much at all! But I’m sure more fruits will appear in the days to come.

So, to commemorate a week since we’ve arrived at Santiago together as church, here’s to St James, Community and God. Praise God for a blessed camino. The most value for money trip I’ve ever had (only 2.1k including flight!)

and thank you to those not physically there, for also sharing in this journey with me through prayer (:

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