Stories on the way

Day 15

We start with a goodbye, Edu decides to take the train from Astorga back home. I suppose to Camino is a different experience for them, it isn’t some strange adventure in a far away land, unlike for Singaporeans where it’s just city city and more city.

I end up talking to Fr James for quite a distance (time is measured in km not hours here), we spoke about community, spirituality and his amazing Micronesia experiences! The world is indeed vast!

I then caught up with Shaun and Raffaella and we spoke about our stories, where we came from and the milestones we have gone through in our lives. Listening to her gave me a certain strength that I can’t quite understand why.

I end up talking about the future with Shaun and by this time, the climb was a treacherous steep uphill, but it wasn’t toooooo miserable. I bopped from rock to rock and up we all went.

At Foncebadon, there is a wind that constantly blows and a trrible need to see the lion king song ‘ circle of life’. we sleep in a cosy room of 4 with a wild pig that walked around outside. We bid farewell to Roca this time round as he half runs the next 20-30km to the next big town :O His ankle was injured too, such craziness. Everyone came to say goodbye and blessed him.

We end the day watching cows walk by (fearing for my life when I imagine them making eye contact with me), a salad dinner and a Mass led by another group which puts the ‘Our Father’ near the start of Mass.

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