to the mountains

Day 14

(Just more than halfway through!)

It was COLD. 7.5degrees was what the signboard said. The scenery was getting a little greener, and less taxing strangely. I catch up to Liu and Roca who had a talk and then broke out into the song ” let it beee let it beeelet it beee..”. Not long after they take Roca’s foam swords and duel and ‘attack’ others. We play scissor paaper stone whereby the loser gets slapped on the hand. Joseja giggles.

Astorga itself was COLD and WINDY. It’s atop a hill so the scenery itself is breathtaking. We explore this quaint and cosy town. They had a cathedral and a Gaudi building. We sat in the gardens in a circle and shared. The brazilian cycling man and the goth girl joined us. Magically, the reddish sunset was accompanied by the sound of a live band playing songs, making it feel like I was at disneyland!

The next few days are in the mountains/hills!


Camino insights-16

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