Legs on fire

Day 13

It was a very good day, though it didn’t start off quite as good. Shaun and I ran into a bit of a communication issue and we were both pretty annoyed. There was an ache in my leg that made me limp. But on the camino, there is space to be angry, and the same space to heal. The camino is not just a peaceful walk in the Spanish plains. We decided to talk after 5km.

We had an honest open conversation, and by this time my body had warmed up and the ache disappeared. (:

My legs were on fire so I walked fast and was at the front of the pack. Perhaps it’s the lack of pressure of having to catch up but there was just so much room to prance, sing or just hum! I end up with ‘oceans’ and some overwhelming solitude.

Roca catches up with me the last 8km. We catch up on the past 3 years and eventually end up singing, wailing and trying to dash past pilgrims. I even ran for about 100m. Oh silliness! I think we looked pretty crazy running with 8kg bagpacks. In other nonsense, we reach St Martin and while throwing things around, my sock gets stuck on a tree. We spent 20min throwing acorns and walking sticks at the tree to try and get it down. Hooray! It worked.

We citadel (in Spanish!:O) and jungle speed, then had dinner which was pasta with tomato, onions and… Oil? But when cooked by Italians, it was amazing :O ! It was 7.40pm when we finished, so we celebrated Mass at our dinner table and shared there too.

Camino insights-15

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