little big town

Day 12

The walk was a short 11km and we reached the city with lots of time to spare. Cities don’t really intrigue me very much though so I mostly remembered the people from today.

We played jungle speed outside the hostel and this was probably one of the more active games we had played. Eventually, it’s was so exciting to the point that a pocket was torn off some Cargo pants! :O Talk about adrenaline.

We joined in the pilgrim Mass and then had burger king for dinner in the park. This was the day the Korean boys joined us! We;ve been bumping into them quite a lot. It was a nice sharing 😀

At night we bid farewell to Lydia and Alysia with a lot of songs and hugs, singing and clapping in a dark alley while walking back to our hostel.

Back at the hostel, my bed was stolen by someone! I was just about to panic when I found that Lydia’s bed was still empty. Praise God for providing!


Camino insights-14

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