The jungle and the river

Day 11:
It was a productive day.

Since Edu was back, I made an effort to talk to him and was quite glad his english was good enough to ask him about God encounters in his life. Then I met a english-japanese girl who studies illustration so that was nice speaking the same ‘language’.

The last 3km was tough, especially when it was by the road. But you kinda learn that grumpiness gets you no where, just walk it off. Perhaps it was an unspoken idea, so much so that everyone is pretty positive even though they are dead beat.#perseverance

We stay in an alburgue with a pool for once and do lunch by the river. This is summer, it can reach 40 degrees or so, I don’t understand how the water was so numbingly cold. Needless to say, I didn’t go swimming (Roca did), but it was difficult to even go near the water and stay there because of the constant threats of getting thrown in by some seminarians. At some point my life was pardoned and exchanged for some shorts (which would have otherwise gone into the river)

This was also the first day we play JUNGLE SPEED. Amazingly useful because we need not speak the same language and it was superduper fun. We play right up till Mass.

For dinner, our group mixes with an iItalian group and we eat in-house. A drama teacher, a frisbee coach, a journalist… It’s pretty amazing to see the variety of people that come together for 1 purpose.
We decide to sing a canon of 两只老虎, which is many different songs in other languages. 15 people singing does get pretty loud though, and the grumpy host lady shouts “have some respect please!”

We snigger a little then rush up to bed without sharing because it was too late!

Camino insights-13

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