No rest for the wicked

Day 10

Usually I don’t get up to snoring if I’m already asleep but it was loud. On the Camino, people are usually dead tired so it’s understandable.(He’s actually really nice!) I wanted to find another spot to sleep but Roca already found the best alternative spot. I end up along the corridor trying not to get stepped on. D:

Despite the lack of sleep, we go through the usual routine. I deeply appreciate the shady trees that litter my path, the breeze, the small conversations along the way and talking to Jungmi! It was fun having to act out just about everything we were trying to describe to each other. She does ballroom dancing I think, imagine that!

30km later, we reach El burgo Ranero. The distance isn’t that great when you’re chatting with someone for at least 7km.

This was life as it is, and I quite enjoy it. The routine was something that seemed perfect. Exercising in the morning, catching up with people at the same time, doing chores, relaxing, mass and sharing. If only everyday was as such.

Edu comes back after healing from his toe infection! and the group enjoys pasta cooked by Mei because she wanted us to eat some good food! Supplemented with not so healthy cup noodles! Which the Spanish, particularly joseja, enjoyed.

Meanwhile, a german woman downs a bottle of wine as her dinner. We tried inviting her over.

Camino insights-12

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