The starry walk

Day 9

The night of the star walk. I know how starry Spain nights can be, so I was beyond excited, my soul was in anticipation. We start out at 4.30am.

There came a point where the lights stopped. It was a whole other universe in front of me. And as I stepped into it, I replayed that ‘bloop’ sound the portal would make. Little did I expect to encounter my own darkness. I felt my intentions and desires being questioned and I grew irritated at those so scared of the light that they polluted the way with their torches. It was the most psychologically tough walk in my entire journey, my lowest point.

But as the sun rose, so did my mood, a group of 15 of us watched the sun rise as we sat on some large stack of hay. Liu and I spent the rest of the way singing songs and learning to harmonize as that was the best thing we could do to get through the day.

For once, we arrive FIRST in Terradillo! After snoozing, we grab the guitar, our lunch, and settle on the grass patch nearby. After some quick instructions, we play several rounds of ‘ninja’ and close the day with the usual mass and sharing.

Camino insights-11

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