Carry On

Day 8

By this day, my legs start to ache in a different way, as if it got bored in one place and decided to move. Father James on the other hand threw away his shoes and swoops off in sandals.

I share a little, intercede a little and get bothered by people during my alone time. It wasn’t too long before we reached Carrion.

Then we sing a little, pray a little and somehow end up in a room full of about 50 people! People shouted their names and the reason they were doing the camino. Yes, all 60 of them. It was amazing though, to just sing in unison even though I’m not sure what language it was in. Shaun and I even had to do a performance where we sang ‘Restless’ with the Augustinian nuns. I will not forget that face when she turned to me, smiling ever so widely and went “OH! THIS IS ST AUGUSTINE!”

We end the day with a communal meal hosted by the nuns. I can’t imagine doing this everyday yet it sounds truly amazing. I feel very very blessed by their hospitaliity.

It was hard to find peace though. With all the actiivty and it was nonstop. I was getting quite restless.

Camino insights-10

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