Sharing life

Day 9

It was a talkative day. The first 10km Shaun and I walked with Eszter and Joseja. We took turns asking questions and somehow a lot of the conversation became about vocation. Joseja talked about his call and how he was studying to become a PE teacher, Shaun and I sheepishly told the story of how we got together. That was a first. We stop in a town and take a long break and play ninja.

Then there was a really really really steep hill. The kind where you walk 10 steps and start feeling out of breath. It was crazy, and long but we met most of the familiar gang on the top of the hill, admiring the scenery.

Later on, I walk with Ashley. We met her a while back but we never got to talk. It’s rare to meet fellow young asians. We talk about traveling and the field of marketing, and as we talked I felt like I was talking to a singaporean friend. #goodenglish

But along the way, her leg starts to hurt and I walk on and met Roca. He starts telling him how he studies and about movies I never heard of#uncultured.

Eventually we reach an oasis of a town of Boadilla. The hostel was filled with pilgrims lying on the grass and soaking in the pool. We settle down, grab a icecream and start singing songs on the grass.

We end up with a group of 12 for sharing. I start to feel really at home, especially after knowing everyone more and more.

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