Day 6

One of the longer, more boring journeys where the path never seems to end. It was hot and dry, pretty much a desert, so mentally it was quite a challenge.

But the great thing about ‘extreme’ conditions is that the littlest things have the biggest impact. I had a short conversation with a shepherd and his sheep (baaa). Praying intercessions were more exciting than anything else so I covered quite a few of those. I enjoyed the cloud cover, cool wind and trees, which seemed to take turns sheltering me. And of course the company helped.

Hontanas is a little town that was on the downhill so we never quite saw it coming. We arrived pretty late in the day and go through the routine of the day. Roca gathered some in a circle and started singing while I taught the Korean girl the actions to ‘Edelweiss’.

After mass, I found the Austrian brothers, Roca and eszter talking about heaven, hell and God. That was about the most theoretical we ever got in the whole journey. We concluded with vegetarian pasta for dinner and closed the night with sharing with 4 kids, not older than 6, who decided to sit with us in our magis circle.

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