Break desolation

Day 5:

To be honest I struggled a lot to pinpoint one thing that was so amazing this day. If there was ice to break between the camino and I this would have been the day we became great friends!

It had been the best day in terms of physical effort. I was with the pack and walking fast too (mostly because it was fun rocks to climb and it was COLD).

We came upon a misty hill which looks like a post-bomb blast military zone mixed with a peaceful hill that biblical characters brought their sheep to. It was really rocky and I just loved the whole mystery of the place. At the top was a cross, and we took our very first group picture with it. (:

Shaun and I shared about our desolation moment the day before and from then on, I really felt that difference between walking alone and walking in the company of friends. Conversation may not be necessary.

We end up in the big city of burgos. This was the place Edu and Roca first met, but this was also the day Edu decides to head back because of his infected blisters.

We stay in a lavish I’m not exaggerating) church-alburgue which felt like a country club and were fed dinner and breakfast while only paying 5Euro. They emphasized communal living a lot so we ate and helped out in the kitchen a lot. And somehow that planted the seed for true community living.

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