Snail, slug, RATON!

Day 4

By day 4, I start to struggle mentally as the walk got tougher, drier and more uphill. Besides trying to pray for others, I tried to take my mind off walking by calling out snails, slugs and rats. “RATON! 3 POINTS!” I would exclaim to myself. We ended on the top of a hill and I think I could have enjoyed the scenery if I wasn’t breathing so heavily.

Then it got worse. We walked through was felt like a dried up lake, and it was as lifeless as it could possibly be – It was torturous.

We eventually reach Ages, an very appropriately named town. And in a relatively nice toilet, whilst trying to gain feeling in my legs, it suddenly hit me that the more and more I tried to think about myself and who I am, the more negative I felt. It can’t be right.

This was beyond myself, this was a mission.

Then an old lady rang the old church bell and we had english mass with spanish songs, readings in italian and prayers in all three languages plus korean from the girl beside me.

This time, I could really sing.

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