Where to?

Day 3

By this time, the people were more familiar now. There were the slow ones who signalled that I was lagging behind and might not get a bed in the next town; the ones who listen to music and aren’t serious about pondering their interior life; the ‘noob’ ones who probably carry much more than they should have…

But after the community experience yesterday, I started to recognize the other pilgrims as people and not just route markers/ speed pacers. Everyone had some story, be it some deep hurt or just challenging themselves. It was nice to see people as people. Something I tend to forget sometimes especially when we’re used to working or executing tasks.

People became markers, then they became human, and eventually I felt like we were a whole flock of sheep heading to the pen. We are all on this camino, this walk, we are individual but united in some way just by living this journey, walking the way and following the signs.

I start to sing to myself, talk with Edu about his life in spain, strike conversations with some others if they didn’t look too deep in thought/ plugged in. My joints got to me and I started slowing down and decided to ponder my own life, but that didnt make much headway.

When we arrive at Belorado, we drop by a dance festival in the city square, sing a few songs witht he drunkard of the town, have mass in a small corner in our albergue and have eggs and sausages cooked by Edu & Roca.

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