What did I agree to?

Day 1:

The toughest day physically and mentally.
In order from left to right:
“My legs are falling off”
“I don’t think I will ever walk this again, why did I want to do this?”
“We need to find a bed!! where is the father?!”
“It is too hot, I am dizzy”
“I know when I am at my limit, I need to put my bag down. now.”
It was a really tough day walking and when we finally made it to Najera, Shaun and I agreed we might not walk all the way because we wouldn’t be able to make it so far. The towns were just a 20minute taxi ride away as opposed to 7 hours on foot ):

But this was also the day we first met our good friends Chong Min, Ashley and Andre. Chong was covered from head to toe, Ashley was talking loudly to the wheat fields and Andre was hungover.

*and we all got burnt.


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